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American Published Fashion Model Cameron Austin walking for MANI COLLECTIONS by Maria Durbani in New York Summer Fashion Explosion by Pink Maison TV, 2021

MANI COLLECTIONS by Maria Durbani design new blouses with a Lycra bodysuit incorporated and low snap closure. These blouses dress women in an elegant and simple way with skirts or simple jeans

Fashion Model Janika Grey showing in this comercial Spring COLLECTION-2022

MANI COLLECTIONS by Maria Durbani were exposed in media, New York Fashion Week, Pink Maison TV and multiple magazines

Today, for a woman, knowing that she is well dressed on any occasion is the most basic thing. The fashion designer Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez designed this blouses thinking about the comfort of a well-groomed woman enveloped in the society.

Runway Star Cassandra Chery shows us this blouses with 70’s pants from the collection MANI FRENCH COUTURE-PARIS

MANI COLLECTIONS by Maria Durbani is a clothing brand designed to dress the classic woman in any occasion with all sizes

Runway Stars Alexi Gionne, Selear Duke, Helena Simon, Alexandra Hodnik and the thaïlandaise fashion model Brie Jitranont enjoying filming this comercial wearing MANI FRENCH COUTURE COLLECTION-PARIS, recorded in New York